The Bergeracois winegrowing area has over 900 winegrowers cultivating an area of 30,000 acres. Represented by 9 AOCs (Appellation d’origine Contrôlée), a great variety of wines is produced – red, rosé, or white – which are in themselves dry, slightly sweet (moëlleux) or very sweet (liquoreux).

The Bergeracois area is the only winegrowing region in France that produces nearly as much white as red wine, ie. 52% red and 48% white.

The GS-Domaine de Grimardy organic vineyard is managed by the 15th generation of wine growers – the Establet family, who has a true understanding and affection for both their vines and the wine they produce. Originally from Bordeaux, Establet bought the Domaine in 1998 with the express wish to create a fine wine and GS Palate acquired in 2010 to perfect the organic planting and harvesting of the grapes.


The GS-Domaine de Grimardy organic vineyard is located on the right bank of Bordeaux, a quaint town by the name of Bergerac in the heart of France. The vineyard is situated in the calcareous clay, hard limestone and parcels of flint soils of Montzeau, Dordogne at an altitude of 80-115 meters.

GS-Domaine de Grimardy’s vineyard is cultivated organically, free from chemical fertilisers and insecticides. All weeding products are also biodegradable. The soil is regularly analysed and the leaves on the east side are thinned out during the summer months.

GS-Domaine de Grimardy organic vineyard has selected the purest species of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for Nucleus de G. With such great variety, we have perfected immortalizing the wine once-only-reached the palates of European and French aristocrats in the 16th Century.